2018.12.25 New Projectile Physics Features and Plugin

There is a new new version of the projectile physics product that is in plugin form and has many extra features.

The product page is here.

Customers who purchased the old version can download it here.

A demo of the plugin can be downloaded here. 122MB

2017.04.04 MP Projectile physics available.

So the original projectile physics stopped working so well with physics objects at UE version 4.14. I searched for a solution for a while but I knew nothing I could do in blueprint would change that.

The solution? I'd just have to release the MP version, which worked fine.

So after a herculean effort to clean up my prototype c++ and about 5 weeks of Epic reviewing it, it was finally accepted to the marketplace.

Only Epic released it as a new product, rather than replacing the original. Now each person who wants the free update has to email me and be manually granted access by someone at Epic.


2016.07.02 Free UE4 Materials - Frosted Glass and Water
Click for big.

I fell down a rabbit hole after learning about refraction in UE4. Trust me, don't even think about it or you'll lose 2 days adjusting settings and twiddling parameters.

Just download these two guys and be on your way.

I think the results are pretty great. You can use the water for shallow pools with the opacity low, or deeper water with the opacity high.

The glass material is exceedingly simple for how good it looks.

These are free to use for any purpose, even commercially, without need for attribution. You are not permitted to sell a product where the majority of the product consists of this content or its derivatives.

2016.05.26 Projectile Physics Blueprint Released

The Realistic Projectile Physics Blueprint is now available on the Unreal Marketplace.

Buy it! Buy 2!

2016.05.24 Website Up
Complimentary materials

The website is up with tutorials in text/image format. If learning through videos is more your style or you are a beginner programmer, visit the youtube channel.